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Our Story

The legacy was started by Jugal Kishore Ghosh 1923, on the iconic location of 1 Mahatma Gandhi Road in Sealdah, Kolkata. After his death in 1963, his brother-in-law stepped in and looked after the shop and started training Mr. Jugal Kishore’s youngest son Mr.

Krishna Kali Ghosh, was only 5 years old when this happened.

Since then, our proprietor Mr. Krishna Kali Ghosh has dedicated his entire life to building the brand which is now known as Jugal’s.


Growing up Mr. Krishna Ghosh would come back from school and head straight to the shop where he would spend the entire evening

learning the trade. Despite being an extremely bright student and having been accepted into two of the top high schools in India, he had to make a tough call and quit his academic career. Instead, he decided to carry forward his father’s legacy and join the business full-time. Shortly after Mr. Krishna Kali Ghosh met a very enterprising woman Mrs. Amrita Ghosh, and tied the knot and there was no turning back. Shortly after completing her law

degree from Behala Law, she joined Jugal’s. As a team, the couple expanded the business from one location to six.


Today Jugal’s is a 99-year-old legacy, serving close to 100 varieties of freshly made, handcrafted traditional and authentic Bengali sweets all across Kolkata.

Currently, both, Sealdah and Gariahat Market, locations are managed by K.K Ghosh’s brother Panchu Gopal Ghosh and both locations do not fall under the Jugal’s brand.

Our Process

We take great pride in what we serve and have developed a loyal fan base over the years that is just as particular about good mishti as we are. Jugal’s is notoriously known for using the highest quality ingredients which have been locally sourced from and around Kolkata. Every single item that we serve our customers is handcrafted to perfection by a dedicated team of senior karigars(mishti chefs), some of whom have been with us for over 40 years.


The chenna, which is the base of all our mishti, is made from scratch right in our kitchen every single day. This chenna-making process is a very delicate one and needs utmost care. Two very important factors that determine the texture of the chenna is the freshness and quality of milk. Therefore, to ensure the same we only use the best quality milk from very few, handpicked, industry- trusted milk-vendors; who deliver fresh milk to our kitchen twice daily. This ensures we have round the clock supply of fresh chenna to meet all our mishti needs.


Our longest-standing milk vendor has been in business with us for two generations.

Our team

One of an integral part of our success has been our devoted senior team of karigar(chefs), jogar(errand boys) and dokandar(shopkeepers). They have successfully safeguarded the age-old mishti-making process while preserving the Bengali authenticity in all our products.


The senior team’s commitment to the brand and the owners is highly commendable. All of our senior team members have been with us for at least 25 years, and our oldest karigar has been with us for over 40 years. Without their dedication, deep understanding of our products’ lifecycle, relationship with our tenured customers as well as their loyalty has helped the brand thrive.

Our Customers

We at Jugal’s have developed a loyal fan base and have been spreading the love of mishti across all communities where we have set up shop. Some customers have been our patrons for several decades and we have served families through generations.


The reason why we have been able to maintain these relationships is because of our ability to continue serving our customers with the best quality products, be it mishti-mukh during Durga Pujo or iftar during Ramadan.

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